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Hock Siong second-hand furniture store




a tea shop in Chinatown


(Nikkormat ftn)

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I plan on making a trip to Chinatown over the weekend. Here are some pictures I took the last time I was there to buy tea leaves for my grandma in the last days of 2012. The portra 400VC film I used was expired and the photos turned out very grainy as a result, especially the ones taken indoors.

By the way, this remains the first time I asked someone if I could take pictures of their shop. I guess this traditional tea shop was too rich with details for me to pass up!









vintage pictures of the zoo – Part 2

animal 8

This is the second post on vintage zoo pictures taken in 1986. The first post is here.

For a long time, these pictures went unappreciated. Friends who know me well know that I am not a big animal fan. So it is not surprising that these animal pictures were placed in the last pages of my album despite it having many empty sleeves in the middle.

It’s a strange, strange feeling to find these pictures beautiful for the first time.

animal 7

animal 9

animal 21

animal 11

animal 14

animal 20

animal 22

animal 19

vintage pictures of the zoo – Part 1

animal 6

My pictures from Taiwan are not here yet, so I thought I’ll post some old zoo pictures in the meanwhile. They will be split into 2 posts – one of 4-limbed animals and the other of birds.

Recently I scanned some vintage film pictures into my computer because I found them disintegrating due to over-exposure to moisture. I couldn’t separate the pictures from the plastic sheets without spoiling the former, so I scanned them in together.

The pictures came from the only photo album I owned as a child, of 2 mice sipping wine in a tub on its cover, and stuck with ninja turtle stickers. There’s quite a bit of sentiment there, so it is with much regret that this has to happen. I should really take a picture of the album, just for keepsake.

Anyway these zoo pictures hail from 1986 and, according to my mum, were taken by her ex-colleague, so that I can learn about animals and birds. It’s rather cute to hear this 26 years on.

animal 2

animal 3

animal 4

animal 17

animal 15

animal 5

animal 12