flowers and sashimi

(Canon A1)

I am thinking about the sashimi bowl I had at Tsukiji Market (Tokyo) as I type. Yes, me, who touched no sashimi and wasabi (unless wasabi-flavoured chips count) before that trip to Japan in the earlier part of this year.

These are taken while I was already in the snaking queue for sashimi. I was far more interested in the potted flowers by the wall than sashimi then.


Tokyo on film: tsukiji market

(Canon A1)

Most of the time in Japan, I was just glad to leave my fingers in my pockets because it was freezing out there. I took very little film, and I also tragically lost a roll. Regretable, because I actually looked through my film pictures a lot more than the hundreds of shots I took with my DSLR.

Here’s the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. We don’t know when the change took effect, but tourists are not allowed into the fish market before a certain hour now. We were at the market by 7am and managed to sneak in for a short while to check out the action within. And then we headed off to have our fill of sashimi in the vicinity. 

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[Tokyo] to the fish market we go

(A second queue to a popular sushi shop – Canon 1100D)

If you are looking for the freshest sashimi, and cheaper prices, look no further. You’ll find it at the Tsukiji Market (you’re hearing this from someone who didn’t find joy in eating sashimi until she visited the market).

The only thing is, you might have to arrive rather early (7am is a pretty safe bet) to be ahead of the snaking queues.

My bowl of salmon and tuna sashimi atop the sweetest Japanese rice.

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