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Take a piece of sky.



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Dear you.


Dear you, I had meant to tell you this a long time ago. When you gave me the book of proverbs, I didn’t know where to start, so I placed a finger randomly on the contents page. It led me to page 102, the chapter on patience and diligence. Of the 4 proverbs that stared back at me, the one that seemed most timely was this: Patience is better than strength. Controlling your temper is better than capturing a city. I’ll remember this as I move on to the new year.


Dear you, something stirred in me recently. Thank you for being my rock.


Dear you, I hadn’t meant to be sentimental on New Year’s Eve, but I couldn’t help thinking of you collectively today. Even though we are at an age where other priorities consume us, you remain in the centre of my heart, together with family, and I miss you most today.


Dear you, I wrote you a letter more than 6 years ago. The anxiety is back, although the issues are not entirely the same anymore. Still, leave me room to be a little foolhardy, ok?