Memories of Jeju island

Jessie and I got lost while navigating the Jeju Olle trail (those were the days we did not rely on mobile data to find our way, but intensive pre-planning work, physical maps and road signs). But the beautiful scenery accompanying us on our long walk made up for it more than twice over. 

Canon A1/ Tudor xlx 200 (expired)
Mamiya 500 DTL/ Kodak Colorplus 200 (last 2 photos)


JEJU | Going up Hallasan

Spring starts earlier in Jeju, so by the time we took the Yeongsil Trail up Hallasan in late Apr, it was already too late to see the pink azaleas that dress the mountain up for spring every year. Still, good exercise we had there!


A couple of shots taken with my Canon A1/ Ektar 100 film went wonky, and ended up really over/under-exposed. But I kinda like the mood in these selected ones taken at Udo Island in South Korea, so I thought I’ll put them up too.

Cycling in Udo 1 /2

Udo Island is one of my favourite places in South Korea. Easily reached from Jeju Island via a ferry ride, it is great for a one-day cycling trip. The vehicle traffic volume is pretty low, so you don’ have to be a skilled cyclist to cycle there.