Tokyo on film: Sensoji Temple

(Canon A1)

Sensoji temple was the first of several temples that we visited. It was here that I paid 100yen and got myself a lousy lot. I lost interest in predictions of all sorts after that, and contented myself with sightseeing.

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[Tokyo] asakusa

(Asakusa – Canon 1100D)

I like Asakusa (浅草), especially the Nakamise shopping street. It is filled with little shops selling Japanese souvenirs and traditional food. Everyone was snapping away, so it was easy to carry on your photo-taking business without feeling too self-conscious about it.

Lanterns lining the path that leads up to the Sensoji (浅草寺)

Friend amidst the crowd of visitors

Have your luck revealed at 100yen

Deep-fried pancake with pumpkin filling

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