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The Written Word #40

My whole life, Henry said, I’ve felt as though I were missing something, that happiness assigned to me existed always at a distance, somewhere, in some place that was somehow beyond me – and when I moved, it too moved, always away but never so far as not to haunt me with the feeling of what it might be like to be happy.

But with you, he said, turning to George and Rebecca, I feel as though I am leading the charge toward death. Happiness and I have swapped places and now it’s pursuing me for its very existence.

No matter what happens from this moment on, Henry announced, here in this place, I will always have my defining moment of victory against sadness.

Simon van Booy in Everything Beautiful Began After

The Written Word #37

“No words are adequate for the suffering caused by hunger. To this day I have to show hunger that I escaped his grasp. Ever since I stopped having to go hungry, I literally eat life itself. And when I eat, I am locked up inside the taste of eating. For sixty years, ever since I came back from the camp, I have been eating against starvation.”

Herta Müller in The Hunger Angel

Craving for a walk.


…when you’re a point, all you see is the point. When you’re a line, all you see is the line and the point. When you’re in three dimensions, you see three dimensions and lines and points. Just because we can’t see a fourth dimension doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It just means we haven’t reached it yet.

Jodi Picoult in Leaving Time