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Take a piece of sky.


Thinking about the next weekend on a Monday morning jotted me. Could it be almost March already, when Feb seems so young and new, so unused and unattended to. It spurs me to make a quick list of things to do this week on a 7.5 by 7.5cm piece of memo paper. I would love to be more spontaneous but I am very prone to procrastination, so a list is useful for me. However you spend your week, planned or otherwise, I hope you’ll have a fruitful one!


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Kam Leng Hotel


I had the opportunity to shoot Kam Leng hotel’s interior when we were at the adjoined Suprette for brunch. First established in 1927″ by a “mysterious owner” no less, the hotel reopened in 2012 with 70 Peranakan-styled rooms. I simply adore the deliberate effort to recreate the style and feel of the past!