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John Forrest National Park


Aussie Vacation: Rottnest Island

On hindsight, Rottnest is a really pretty place. Its beauty is concealed in little pockets around the island, and if you don’t look hard enough, you might just leave the island without discovering it at all.

Rottnest is a bicycle island.

I was expecting more buzz on the island, but when we arrived, it was quiet and everyone was kind of just chilling on the grass, having a bite at the cafe, or on their bicycles. We were not used to a slow life, that’s for sure, and it was apparent after an hour when boredom seeped in. We were done with seagull-gazing and brochure-browsing, and we had nothing else on us that could occupy us.

We were on the verge of dismissing the island as boring, and almost passed up its magnificence, when a kind volunteer at the island told us about the salt lakes. The walk to the lakes was worthwhile.

Aussie Vacation: Lancelin

The colours in Lancelin are brighter and bolder.

Each time I look into its horizon, I am struck by how “unreal” the place seems, as though it came right out of a picture book. The weather must have played a part in this; sunshine’s aplenty but the heat is nowhere scorching on the skin. Beyond its scintillating landscape, the place is a sea of calm, and it is hard to imagine anyone feeling anything other than repose and glee in this environment.

The clouds look like fluffy cotton placed against a painted azure sky.

Sandboarding is really fun. It’s even fun to fall because the sand is so soft and cooling.

Aussie Vacation: Fremantle

Fremantle is easily one of the places I enjoy most in this trip. While the rest of Perth is generally large and sparse, Fremantle is best viewed on foot, which suited me just fine.

Fremantle Market

We dropped by the Fremantle prison to get tickets for the Torchlight Tour, and managed to catch the exhibition on female ex-convicts once incarcerated at this prison.

And we were in for a treat – the annual Fremantle Street Arts Festival!

Aussie Vacation: UWA/ Cottesloe Beach/ Kings Park

It still makes my heart skip when  I spot the social sciences faculty. Doesn’t help that UWA is such an aesthetically-pleasing school, with the perfect ambiance for learning. I had an irrational urge to do graduate studies, there and then.

I was rather taken by the arts compound which is fashioned like a theatre. The faculty is arranged in a way that allows students to look down, from the common passageways, onto the open-air stage that sits in the middle of the compound. The platform we were photographed on is situated above the stage, and I am guessing it is used as a setting for performances.

Outside the Student Guild is a Reflection Pool occupied by ducks.

We found scores of people at Cottesloe Beach in the mid afternoon. We were inappropriately dressed for the beach, tights and all, but it did not stop us from taking in the breeze and sunshine!

My long desire to BBQ finally materialised at Kings Park. Leaving me a lasting impression was the clean, electric BBQ pit, water supply right beside our pit, and Australians with foldable chairs and wine. What a life!

Dinner was BBQ at Kings Park.