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a day in osaka

(Umeda Station – Canon 1100D)

The first thing we did when we arrived in Osaka was to get lost.

Umeda station is served by several railway and subway lines, but if you wish to take the Yotsubashi line like we did, you have to locate the Nishi-Umeda Station, which is connected to Umeda Station.

Sounds simple enough, but we got lost anyhow.
Try it, why don’t you, and find out for yourself?

We chanced upon a shop at Umeda Station that uses the food ticket vending machine, and naturally, we had to patronize it. After all, we had resolved to treat ourselves to a different dining experience every meal.

With our limited japanese skills, we ordered our food from the machine rather hastily, conscious of a queue fast forming behind us. We were ushered quickly to our spots at the table alongside other salary men, at lunch hour no less.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so stressed up while eating. That piping hot bowl of curry ramen came to us within seconds, and I swear we finished it under 5 minutes. Another minute more, and we would have felt like a liability in a place where people slurped up their food in a no-nonsense, no-conversation manner.

We snacked, and we walked. In Osaka, I found the only kawaii bookshop at Shinsaibashi Suji , and had the most delicious takoyaki at Tenjinbashi Suji, supposedly the longest shopping arcade in Japan.

When we tired ourselves out, we sought refuge in a sushi shop and watched the chef prepare sushi. He was so nimble we never did got to find out when he put that bit of wasabi in between the rice ball and fish.

The Instant Ramen Museum was probably the reason why we ended up in Osaka in the first place.

If I have my way, I would have instant noodles at least once a week. It was therefore fitting to visit the museum and pay tribute to the inventor of instant noodles, Mr Momofuku Ando.

While we didn’t manage to sign up for the ramen-making class, we made sure we brought ourselves  some instant ramen home.

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