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Nara on film

(Canon A1)

We followed the first deer we saw up a flight of stairs and across a road, thinking it was novel to spot one. We realised soon enough that Nara Park was FILLED with them!

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deer land

(Nara Park – Canon 1100D)

I’d expected to see a couple of lone deers in Nara Park, but there were hoards of them. Everywhere. One even rammed into my shin with his stumps (where the horns used to be), drawing a loud gasp from a fellow tourist, and leaving me with a bruise that has since faded into a faint mark on my skin.

Other than that, I remembered that it was a finer day than the rest before. The weather had gradually started to take a turn for the better, with the sun out and the rain completely gone.

Favourite macha ice cream