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그대 내 맘에

The coffee shop, with all its noise, is the kind of quiet that suits me. I’m plugged into my music, with a latte on table, and my bag left on the seat opposite the one I’ve slid myself into.

Time seems to slow down. It’s a while before I have to get up and make my way through the unsheltered heat to my destination, then brave my way through a couple of hours at work.

But that’s not in another 30 mins.

I sift through my bag for my Kindle, only to realise that I’ve left it on the table at home. I berated myself silently, as though this moment of folly had hampered my reading rhythm to a point of no return. Funny how I really yearn to read when I can’t.

Funny too how absence makes the heart fonder.

Is it because we only preserve the best of something in our hearts when it’s no longer?

Zitten plays in my earphones.
슬픔이라는 그 감정도 흘러가더라
지나간 대로 그런 의미가 있대

Sitting in a cafe in Bangkok, typing away on my phone. I have 15 minutes more to spend before I meet an acquaintance. It’s been a while since I blogged properly, so I thought I could use this pocket of time to do that.

Hello, if you still visit this space from time to time. I have so many photos to share here, and so many thoughts to string into words, but mostly they are just sitting in a folder on my desktop at home, or inside me.

November is way settled into the year, more so than I am. I look back at the year and in my head, it seems like summer just started, but my heart feels like it’s been dragged though winter already.

I’ve done so many things but it feels like I haven’t really done anything much at all.

I think I need some quiet to get my life back. To enjoy being in the home more, to enjoy just being. To do something about that list of to-dos, that list that does nothing for my career. Like reading. To stop putting off things and to stop finding excuses. To treasure. To reprioritize life goals, to listen hard to what the heart wants.

I think I just wrote my 2019 goals. Gosh.

Here for a while.


WordPress wished me Happy 10th year with them today. That’s ten years of blogging here – and another 6 elsewhere. It’s a long time.

Even though blogging has become out of fashion now, it remains my favourite online medium. It’s always been a diary of sorts for me, with a kind of permanence that I like. Perhaps those who started online diaries before “blogging” became a buzzword can identify with that.