Eating at home


These pictures of a home-cooked meal barely turned out (I used the lomography xpro slide 200 film), but they are precious memories of a rare gathering with some of my closest friends last Christmas. Lately I’ve been more appreciative of home-cooked food; the effort and thought that goes into making a meal , and serving them to friends, is filled with so much sincerity that someone who doesn’t cook (that’s me) is slow to realise.






Have a good weekend.


Things I would like to do if it rains now:

  • Sit by the window at a cafe and watch the rain
  • Step out into the rain with my umbrella and smell the rain
  • Let the raindrops fall onto my palm
  • Walk under the sheltered walkway and hear the rain smash onto its metal roof
  • Curl up under the blanket and enjoy the rain outside

If I sound somewhat melodramatic, please excuse me. The sun’s been scorching our land with a vengeance, and we haven’t seen rain in weeks. Rain, please fall upon us.

(List inspired by The Weekend List)