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Random redscale.


Last few photos from the only roll of lomo redscale xr film I’ve used to date. These were taken in Taiwan and Hong Kong last year, just as the winder of my Superheadz uws began to act up.






Apr holiday break – school days


(Superheadz wide and slim)

I was strolling along the streets of Taichung one afternoon when the sound of laughter from a school field caught my attention. The scene reminded me of my old school day, and it put a smile on my face. We had a field like that too. But we did not take our physical education lessons seriously and sent our teacher into a rage once too often.

We were rebellious, but those were the days of adolescence and our lives laid ahead of us.


red film


(Superheadz ultra wide and slim)

I take ages to finish a roll of film on my superheadz toy camera – mostly because it works best under plenty of sunlight and I don’t get that much sunny leisure time at all. It doesn’t help that mine developed a fault in the film winder, and each time I failed to make the winder work properly again, I ended up exposing the half-used film in exasperation. Needless to say, very few pictures came out of this roll – my first Lomography redscale 100, gifted by xy.

These were taken at the Tanjong Pagar railway station in early August when Hermès held its The Gift of Time exhibition.