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Around town with Jh


When I think of Jh these days, I think back on the chat we had over coffee the last time we met, and it warms me to know that it really is okay that she lives so far away.

We took a walk with our cameras that same day. The above photograph aside, the rest are taken at the Church Of Saints Peter and Paul which was undergoing restoration works when we visited it. Coincidentally, I used the same film when I was here last year.







Have a good weekend.


The week in gist:

  • We’ve been having such beautiful blue skies that it is almost a crime not to go out, however hot the weather may be.
  • So I’ve been taking walks around neighbourhoods, going cafes, and also doing the touristy stuff (i.e. the new Trick Eye museum with its insane queues – but we got lucky when someone sold us their tickets and queue position)
  • It’s also a week of birthday celebrations for some of my (most) favourite people in the world.

Have a good weekend everyone!