One year on






Have a good weekend.


This was meant to be yesterday’s post. I know it might seem a little contrived to write something for the sake of it, but I thought, with January all but gone, a small update would serve myself well and give me that extra push to keep to my resolutions. It’s the start of the year after all.

So work has been occupying my mind even in spaces of my own time. The rest of my time was given to exercise and books, mostly. I’m savouring my copy of Pride and Prejudice slowly, and I have 4 more books from the library awaiting their turns. My year also started on an encouraging note with 4 yoga sessions and 2 jogs completed. Looking forward to making them regular.

I’ve found time to go out for some walks too, but what I didn’t do enough of is taking photos. In Feb, I hope to send at least 3 rolls to the lab.

How has January been for you?


Good morning 2015.


Take better care of my health. Rein in that temper, if necessary. Give the benefit of the doubt, if possible. Give more love to people that matter; go out of my way to see them if I have to.  Give more of myself in general. Don’t hold back. Own fewer material things, acquire as much knowledge and experiences as possible. Learn something well, learn something new – as always.