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Hotpot in Taipei

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Pleased with my hotpot, and the Konica Centuria Super 400 film. Works well under low light despite having expired.

To those who are celebrating this festive period, Happy Lunar New Year!

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TAIPEI | 好氏品牌研究室


Of all the cafes I have been to, anywhere, this is one of those I remember most vividly. It’s the kind of place that takes you away from reality temporarily. It has a bit of everything in almost the right amounts – nothing too whimsical or clinical, too bright or too dark – yet overall, maybe a little over-curated in places, but still oozing with character.

I’ve been saving these pictures for a good day, but I got carried away, and it has been perhaps two years since I visited this café and design store in Taipei. But, it is still there (I checked their FB page to be sure), although I am not sure how it has evolved since.

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Have a good weekend


It’s the time of the year when it ought to be cooler, but it has been either very hot or very rainy. That’s half the reason for spending my week mostly indoors; the other half being laziness. In fact, I’ve been sleeping and waking up much later these days. I’m not a morning person, but I’ve been trying to cultivate good sleeping habits this past year and it has succeeded for the most part, until this past week.

To inject some energy into the last of the week, the approaching weekend looks like this in my plans:

  • Finish One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Trooper. That guy is so funny, risking slapstick but – here’s the crucial bit – never tipping the scale by overdoing it.
  • Do some Christmas shopping.
  • Visit a Christmas flea market.
  • Picnic with friends. Pray the weather be lovely.

How’s the weekend looking for you?