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City in a garden


To understand how a city is made and to appreciate the way it sprawls outwards, you need to walk its streets, and sometimes, look at it from above. It gives you an idea how its planners think about the urban landscape.

We have always branded ourselves as a garden city, now a city in a garden, but what that is, and how that came about, I never really knew. We do make a concerted effort to plant trees in places, but the tagline evaded me for the longest time. It was on one such walk that it dawned on me how literal it is.


The city is not homogeneously green; it would be a mistake to think so. We have a lot more concrete areas than these pictures tell, but as I looked down at the city one afternoon, I saw the planners’ aspiration laid out in front of me, slabs of concrete among the greenery, and found myself comprehending it for the first time.