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a photography exhibition


(Nikkormat ftn)

lr D1000034




Bras Basah Complex


(Nikkormat ftn)

I learnt not too long ago that Bras Basah Complex is hailed as the book lover’s haven. Even though I can  see why (looking at the sheer volume and variety of reading material available), I’ve always been more drawn to the art & craft supply stores there. And the cute Cat Socrates of course.


some things I love a bit more in 2012

Lessons have been learnt, and new experiences had. First impressions formed, and burst. Judgement passed, and passed over. Faith, revisited. Heartaches and disappointments loomed, but unconditional love put the gleam back into the year. Questions, lots of it.


And so I end off the year with this post.

There are many things I love a bit more in 2012. Some are intangible, like the love for family and friends. Some are very apparent, like analog photography. I have compiled a short list of some of the things I love in 2012 after going through my photo albums.

Happy 2013! May your hopes and wishes for the new year be realised.


(Canon A1, Solaris 200)

Analog photography, because I am always amazed at how much film opens my eyes to beauty in the smallest of things.


(Nikkormat ftn, kodak bw400cn)

And then there is black and white film which turns everything just that bit poignant, don’t you think?


(Canon A1, Uxi Super 200)

Cafes and coffee: There are reportedly three waves of coffee. I’ve more or less skipped the first two – instant coffee and corporate coffee culture i.e. coffee chains, and sank right into the third – coffee from indie coffee shops run by those passionate about their beans.

I can’t help it; they come accompanied with attractive cafe interiors that are just so good to photograph.


(Canon A1, Solaris 400)

Japan. There is so much I love about the place – the food, the courteous and friendly people, beautiful Arashiyama, potted flowers by window sills… that I would very much rather point you to the archives.


(Nikkormat ftn, Kodak bw400cn)

While I really like to travel with friends, travelling alone is extremely comforting to me. It is the perfect opportunity for introspection. And it pushes me beyond my comfort limit. I found that I actually enjoyed talking to the random people I meet.


(Canon A1, Solaris 200)

Even though I live with a “mini-garden” just outside my gate, thanks to my dad’s green fingers, it is analog photography that piqued my interest in flora – more plant pictures coming up in the blog.


(Canon A1, fujicolor superia x-tra 400)

I’ve admired and captured many blue skies and sunsets this year. I think 2013 is the time to catch the dawn too.

View from the train

(Nikkormat ftn)

These are taken on the train ride from Kaohsiung to Taichung. They are my first Taiwan vacation pictures from the Nikkormat ftn, and the first time I am using black and white film.

Funny how the lack of colours seem to have a way of drawing one emotionally closer to the subject taken. Funny how everything appears a little more sentimental.

I didn’t fall in love with these at first sight quite frankly because I really love the colours in film pictures. But they have surely grown on me and I am looking forward to my next roll of black and white pictures.



(Nikkormat ftn)

In July, I booked a flight to Taiwan on impulse, ready to pass it up if something urgent crops up. But nothing did eventually, so I packed my bags and left in the last week of September.

11 days was a long time to be gone by the account of anyone with a regular job, especially somewhere relatively nearby like Taiwan. But if you’d known that I’ve always wanted a vacation that is a month long at the very least, you may agree with me that 11 hardly qualifies as a lot.

This trip was filled with many small moments that made it memorable and extra special for me. I can’t wait to share all the pictures I took (only film this time), and relive that warm fuzzy feeling within. It was probably the best impulse flight I booked… till the next one comes along.