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day trip

(nikkormat ftn)

Bangkok > Kanchanaburi > Hellfire Pass > Kanchanaburi > Bangkok

This is the place we spent an excruciating 10 hours to reach and leave (3 hours on train/bus to/from Bangkok and 2 hours on bus to/from Hellfire Pass) – not counting the time taken to arrive at the train and bus stations.

Excruciating because the ride was long, made even more so by the non air-conditioned bus which was sardine-packed with perspiring people travelling across the province under the scorching afternoon sun.

It was 4pm when we arrived at our destination, only to have the guard tell us that the place was about to close. Come back tomorrow, he said to our part-crestfallen, part-horrified faces. After the long journey, we did not have much energy left in our fatigue-ridden bodies to contest that. In fact, we had felt so out of luck that day that we did not venture to try our luck either.

In spite of everything that did not go our way, especially the weather, it was not difficult to admit that Kanchanaburi is actually rather beautiful. It is a pity we had so little time with it.