Random street scenes – Seoul


Sinchon shopping street (Fujicolor Superia 200)


Insadong area (Kodak Colorplus 200)




Towards Ewha Woman’s University (Ferrania Solaris 400)


Outside the Seoul Museum of Art (Kodak Colorplus 200)


Hongdae shopping street (Lomo CN 100)

Have a good weekend.


My week has been… regular, dull if you want to know the absolute truth, and I am just really glad it’s the weekend. Tonight, we are celebrating a marriage at a wedding banquet. Tomorrow, I hope to make myself proud by waking up early and going out on a walk, although the last time I did, I ended the weekend with fever and a whole string of conditions that took me nearly two weeks to recover from.

I have to go out though. I haven’t taken pictures in a while, and the uninspiring climate that I’m cooped up in is getting to me, like stale air clouding my head.  It’s almost depressing. There’s a new film waiting to be tried out; I just have to finish up the current rolls in my cameras.

I want to take some pictures.

I hope you’ll have a good weekend too, people.