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Arashiyama on film: Bamboo Groves

(Canon A1)

Arashiyama, “storm mountain”, is one of the most beautiful places I visited on this trip. It helps that the Sagano bamboo forest in this part of Japan (west of Kyoto) is so incredibly beautiful. I know I used ‘beautiful’ 3 times in this paragraph, but I’d stood mesmerized within the bamboo groves and couldn’t stop going, wow.

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[Kyoto] bamboo wonderland

(Bamboo groves at Arashiyama – Canon 1100D)

We took an early train out of Kyoto to reach Arashiyama before lunch. The cold wind that greeted us when we emerged from the railway station took us to the nearest vending machine where we got ourselves warm coffee.

Luckily for us, the rain was slight and lasted only for a short while. When the sun finally reigned over the sky, the rays that peered through the bamboo made this place a sight be behold. In between admiration and appreciation for the landscape that laid before me, I couldn’t help but wonder what this place would transform into at sunset.

Geisha at the Saga-Toriimoto area

Lunch – Oyako don

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