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The end of July


I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that we are well into the second half of 2014. It continues to surprise me, even dismay me sometimes. If I learn to move along with time, would I stop feeling like I am running out of it?

The month of August will be dedicated to the 2014 edition of the August Break. I’ve scheduled most of the posts, and I’m really looking forward to using the extra time to do more of the other things I enjoy.  See you on instagram in the meanwhile.


CHUNCHEON | Namiseom 남이섬 – Part 10


And the series ends with this post, a little documentation of us on the way to Namiseom. The first 3 pictures were taken with the Canon A1/ Ektar 100 film and the last with the Nikkormat ftn/ Agfavista 400 film – which is the combination of camera and film for the entire series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

The full series can be viewed here.