A variety of plant and animal life

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There was a time when I took frequent walks because I really wanted to take pictures, and this was one of those times – a nature walk through MacRitchie Reservoir on a Monday afternoon.

I’m beginning to pick up my camera again this year, after going through a generally uninspired period in photography last year. Really looking to long, slow walks with my cameras (and blogging here) again.

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Snippets of Pingxi Line (平溪線 )

lr Negative0-12-26(1)

These mostly blurry shots were the result of experimenting with the Yashica Microtec Zoom 100, a compact camera which I found lying in an old drawer at home. I don’t think I have taken it out for a second test roll, although I really ought to give it another go. 2018 goal, maybe?

lr Negative0-13-25(1)

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See you later.

2017 was a year of broken resolutions, too much putting off of things, and tested confidence.

It was one I was thankful for nonetheless. Small everyday moments reigned this year (will write about this another time). There was more letting go and sharing. Acquaintances and friends, old and new, and family, guided my path and renewed a part of me with little reminders, advice and their presence.

And above all, 2017 was a year of laying foundations. In 2018, with a thankful heart and nourished mind, I am ready to be a better version of myself.