世界的粗糙讓我去到你身邊難一些 | 而緣分的細膩又清楚地浮現你的臉
有些時候我也疲倦停止了思念 卻不肯鬆懈 | 就算世界擋在我前面猖狂的說 別再奢侈浪費




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    1. Hey polly, i got some translation help from Katie and my other friend, Angela. It is roughly translated to this:

      The callousness of the world makes the journey to your side a little harder
      Yet the intricacies of destiny clearly reflect your face in my mind;
      There are times when weariness sets in and I seek temporary reprieve, but I refuse to surrender my thoughts of you
      Even if the world stands before me and savagely chides me for my foolish, indulgent ways.

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