[Kuala Lumpur] LOKL Coffee Co.


Almost a year back (gosh!), we decided to take a weekend trip to KL via the night train. 8 hours later, we found ourselves awake in KL when the train pulled into KL Sentral.

As luck would have it, the first cafe we visited was open when we arrived at its door at 9am. We found LOKL Coffee Co. from theweekendbrunch. All we had was a screenshot and an address to lead us there. Thankfully, the roads were easy to navigate, and it didn’t take us much effort to locate it.

For some reason it wasn’t coffee I craved, but a glass of chilled orange juice to start the morning. We ended up spending the entire morning on breakfast. Surely, this is a small indulgence we can afford on a vacation.











6 thoughts on “[Kuala Lumpur] LOKL Coffee Co.

  1. Katie

    I like thinking about how not tired I was when we got off that train, haha! I’m coming to my KL posts soon.. in a few days. 😀

  2. angelinahue

    Lovely pictures and sound like a great way to start the day.

    Yours is the second blog post I’ve read today that mentions taking a train between KL & Singapore. I’ve not tried it myself and hope to do so someday!

    1. evelyn Post author

      We took the night train so there was nothing to see. A small tip though: take the train from jb, instead of singapore. It’s a lot cheaper!


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