Have a good weekend.


I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am just plain unmotivated these days to sit in front of my laptop to write anything at all. It doesn’t help that my ‘4’ and ‘F’ keys are not working, adding another layer of challenge to my determination to write and leave comments on blogs.

The week in gist:

  • The intermittent haze is tampering with my attempts to go out, but it didn’t stop me from visiting the Art Science Museum. The Flux Realities: A Showcase of Chinese Contemporary Photography left me deeper impressions than I thought I’d have.
  • Reading Howard Jacobson’s The Finkler Question. I’m only pages into it, but it has already got me laughing out loud several times.
  • Some articles I had wanted to share on the blog but… just haven’t: Ancient city found, Raising daughters as sons in Afganistan, Compassion over empathy (I’m not entirely convinced by the argument, but I identify with the writer’s points to some extent.)
  • Booked my ticket to Bangkok. How does that city continue to excite me year after year?

10 thoughts on “Have a good weekend.

  1. Kasia

    So jealous about Bangkok, dear. It’s okay to be missing in action from time to time. I am looking forward to your next posts 🙂

  2. helloaia

    Hope you get your mojo back!<3 Also jealous about your Bangkok trip. Looking forward to more of your travel blogs.:)

    1. evelyn Post author

      I really want to leave comments on blogs, but I can’t keep myself still in front of my computer long enough these days to do just that…

  3. Mamie

    I totally feel you; haven’t seriously touched my blog for months until a few days ago. Perhaps, your trip to Bangkok will rejuvenate your passion in blogging. So, this means I have to go to somewhere as well! Take care, Evelyn! 🙂


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