GYEONGGI | Heyri Art Village – Part 1


Located on the outskirts of Seoul, the  Heyri Art Village (헤이리 문화예술마을) seemed to come out of a picture, with its harmonious blend of buildings and nature, and the air of quiet around it.

The village is occupied by a community of artists like writers, painters and architects who make their work studios out of the place, and exhibit their works there. If I were an artist, this would be just the kind of space I would love to have.









To get there, take the subway to Hapjeong Station (Line 2) and get onto bus number 2200  which is just outside Exit 2. It takes about 40 minutes to get there.

22 thoughts on “GYEONGGI | Heyri Art Village – Part 1

  1. April

    These photos make me wish we also have Autumn as a season. I can almost hear the dried leaves crackling ❤

    I hope I'd still get to try Ferrania Solaris one day, I couldn't find any in Hong Kong!


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