Picnic at the Botanic Gardens


I don’t think I’ve ever had a proper picnic, with homemade food, before – unless barbeques count (you know, outdoor setting with bought/brought food, and a mat). It got gloomy right after we were done with snapping pictures of our picnic layout, and thinking back, it was hilarious how we were going around in circles, taking turns to be on the perfect photo-taking spot. And then it drizzled a little so we had to seek shelter before we could fully tuck into our meal. The rain ceased shortly after, and we brought our mat out onto the grass again. It was all rather tiring, but very fun. My tiny effort is the avocado spread on the mat, by the way.







18 thoughts on “Picnic at the Botanic Gardens

  1. This is just so perfect, Evelyn 🙂 🙂 I have had picnics before with family, but never in this kind of fun, intimate setting, sitting on a mat under a tree with homemade food (which looked all so good, btw).

    Love the soft focus at the last photo ❤

    1. Why thank you Kasia! That’s tuna and cranberry, avocado, and egg mayo spreads, pasta and fruit salad, home-baked brownies, and freshly baked bread from a shop near the park…. just to name the food. haha.

  2. these are so beautiful! Evelyn :))
    hope to have this nice picnic sometimes too
    whenever I went out with friends, we never had this peaceful kind of event lol
    oh…and the food looks really yummy *mouth watering*

    1. I rarely get the chance to go for a picnic too, because of the humid weather in Singapore.
      Glad we managed to make that time happen! 😀

  3. ahahah you know picnic are my favorite summer activity 😀
    the colors are so soft and delicious,hope during that little bit that did not rain you had fun and ate all that good looking food!

    1. We have it too hot and humid here. the weather discourages us from having picnics.
      But I’m really glad we made it – at least that once. We had fun! 😀

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