Have a good weekend.

I thought I’ll save you the details of a mundane week, and leave you instead with some very random thoughts this week:

  • Define your own happiness; don’t let others impose their definition on you.
  • We don’t have to prove to others a love that’s apparent to us.
  • Who knew that emptiness could possess such strength.
  • I think you love the idea of being in love, more than being in love.
  • Some years down, maybe decades, would all of it be instantly apparent to me?



4 thoughts on “Have a good weekend.

  1. Thais Cavalcanti

    my father (who died when I was 9) use to say 2 things I still carry on till now:
    – First, one day I was upset because a friend in school made fun of my hair (my bangs were too short I guess), and he said “when you’re too upset, think if this will still upset you in a year”. that’s still what it comes to my mind whenever something bad happens. It’s so much easier to live through all those disappointments in life…
    – and the second one, he never really said to me directly because i didn’t have that much problem as a kid, but he used to say this all the time: when things are too bad, they’re much close to become good again. this was kinda his moto whenever things weren’t working.

    1. evelyn Post author

      It’s really nice of you to share, Thais ♥

      When I cried over exam results as a child, I would ask myself the same… Would that still bother me some time down the road? I think not.

      And I guess your dad would agree that “the darkest hour comes before dawn” 😀


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