Life lately


I’ve been meaning to write a bit more here instead of just scheduling photo posts, but there are days and weeks at a stretch when routine simply falls apart and to do lists just don’t work.

After a week chocked full of activities, the past week was spent largely recuperating from a throat infection that was accompanied by a nasty cough and flu. I couldn’t leave the weekend to waste though, so as soon as I got better, I visited Chef Yamashita (cake shop owned by the former head chef of Flor Patisserie) and popped by a new hideout cafe – Whale&Cloud – for coffee while dropping off my rolls at the photolab. Oh, and we churned out blueberry yoghurt with our new ice cream maker on Sunday morning, at 1am that is.



So here are some pictures of Artisan Boulangerie Co., a bakery cum cafe that I used to visit almost every week because it has an excellent range of breads and sandwiches. Why I don’t patronise it so often now – they took out my favourite chicken pasta salad from the menu and introduced service charge.

8 thoughts on “Life lately

  1. I have been working so much lately, I have had no time to get out and have coffees and decent meals with friends. your photos almost made me feel like I was there. I could have the soup and the bread right now. 🙂

    1. It’s a pretty nice place to chill and read a book, or write a letter, on weekday evenings.
      It’s unfortunate that got a little less appealing to me :S

  2. they charge the salads separately now, so a quiche + salad is around $14! though I do like their clean look. claps for so much content, every time I visit, you have a new series.

    from fellow “why are we suffering from flu and cough” being.

    1. I hated that they introduced service and the charge! But I agree with you that the place is clean, and simple and fuss free. And best on weekday evenings. Used to be our secret place for quiet time.

      Thank you for the encouragement… haha.. I am not good with routine, and I try to write more. but I’m sooo lazy at keeping up with that.

      I hope you are well already, if not recovering from the flu package. lol!

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