What I eat – in Penang



Soya bean milk and salted egg pastry from Ming Xiang Tai 名香泰


Tandoori chicken, a dish of roast chicken made with yoghurt and spices.



Nasi kandar, a rice dish served with a variety of curries, meat, and vegetables.  If you would like your rice to come with a combination of curries on the menu, request for the Nasi Campur.


Otah, a dish made of fish paste and spices that is wrapped in banana leaves.

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Lor Mee. Simply put, it is a noodle dish with thick gravy, served with braised egg and meat.



14 thoughts on “What I eat – in Penang

  1. These all look delicious!
    I love the photo of your friend about to tack in into the Nasi kandar!

    1. hi angeline 🙂
      It took me close to that to set foot on Penang too. I hope you get a chance to go there when you next return to Sg!

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