Eating at home


These pictures of a home-cooked meal barely turned out (I used the lomography xpro slide 200 film), but they are precious memories of a rare gathering with some of my closest friends last Christmas. Lately I’ve been more appreciative of home-cooked food; the effort and thought that goes into making a meal , and serving them to friends, is filled with so much sincerity that someone who doesn’t cook (that’s me) is slow to realise.







6 thoughts on “Eating at home

  1. helenbriggsphotography

    I love the colours and feel of these photos, really soft and subtle. The food looks delicious too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. meds

    somehow, as we grow up, we don’t venture into friends’ homes as brash as we did in primary school (or.. at least I did :p) home cooked food is the best company to friends and after-work banter!


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