Marina Bay Sands – Around and about


Once in a while, I go down to the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for a stroll. It’s such a touristy spot that there is hardly another reason to visit it, except for the vast amount of space for walks which I personally enjoy taking. Sometimes, I score a pretty stunning sunset along the path leading to the Garden by the Bay too. 

My favourite thing about the place though has to be the helix (DNA) bridge. It even has the letters of the DNA nucleobases – ATCG – etched onto the ground. Totally brings me back to days of biology classes.











10 thoughts on “Marina Bay Sands – Around and about

  1. wonderful pictures! i like especially the third one which is very interesting because it’s not straight as you expect!

  2. my favourite anywhere in Singapore is the helixbridge. I love running/walking along it, but those were the times where I’d work near enough to do so. the GATC DNA sequence is hilarious to look at.

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