Albert Street and Waterloo Street


If you walk through the Bugis shopping strip towards the Albert Centre Market, you’ll find yourself on a street characterized by ubiquitous umbrella canopies occupied by hawkers peddling their wares and services. Follow the path of parasols, and you’ll eventually wind up outside the famous Kwan Inn Thong Hood Cho Temple on Waterloo Street.









10 thoughts on “Albert Street and Waterloo Street

  1. I remember this place from when I visited Singapore two years ago! 🙂 I stayed near Bugis Station at that time so it’s hard not to miss the shopping centers around Bugis.

  2. this is my favorite place! I went there last saturday! 😉
    i usually eat at albert hawker center and always eat durian icecream in bread.

    1. Hey Pratiksha. It’s definitely one of my fav places to go too 🙂
      Also, that hawker centre sells great claypot rice and carrot cake!

    1. Hi eddie, thanks for the comment! As more of Singapore undergo development, I feel the need to document places around the island before they disappear completely someday.

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