Double exposure: Swappa – Part 1


Some months back, I was involved in my first double exposure project  (Swappa) when I took part in a film photo contest by Fluster Magazine in the name of fun. I was randomly assigned a Swap buddy (from Italy!) and we took pictures of our cities on the same roll. Our first roll failed terribly, and these are pictures from our second attempt. A couple more will be shared in tomorrow’s post.











13 thoughts on “Double exposure: Swappa – Part 1

  1. We are happy to see that the Swappa Photo Contest inspired you and you did not give up after the first attempt! Look out for the next contest on Fluster Magazine (soon to be announced) and thank you for taking part to the project!

    1. It’s my first try at double exposure actually!
      I’ve learned that the first picture must be taken in low light or of a darker colour (like silhouettes), and the second one is normally exposed (under sufficient light of course).

      Give it a try! Don’t worry too much about ruin.

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