Hello from South Korea.


By the time this post surfaces on the blogosphere, we should have landed in Seoul and hopped onto the KTX to Suncheon in the southern part of South Korea.

If you have been following this blog, you would remember, vaguely at least, that I was in South Korea not too long ago. Late autumn to be precise, when everything was golden and red, beautiful and poetic. I left the country happy to have gone up Mount Seorak, but otherwise very dissatisfied at seeing so little. On the plane home, I wrote a list of things for my next vacation.

This time, we’ll be going down south, and to Jeju-do. It’s spring, and I am anticipating good weather (think sun, blue skies, flowers).

This space will continue to be filled with goodness (haha) from my archives of photos, but all updates on my current vacation will be posted on Instagram (@_ev3lynn) for now. Do say hello there 🙂

lr F1010001

Pictures taken at Namiseon


16 thoughts on “Hello from South Korea.

  1. Polly Balitro

    Have a great holiday, Evelyn! I hope you get to visit all the things you were planning to this time!

    1. evelyn Post author

      Hi diogo! It’s important for me to keep discovering, and seeing new things. The first shot, believe it or not, is taken in autumn! 🙂


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