The Written Word #16

When a person knows and can’t make the others understand, what does he do?

Carson McCullers in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


6 thoughts on “The Written Word #16

  1. i think about this also a lot…
    sometimes we just have to let people live trough it so they learn,if not believing in god, believe there is nature or some kind of higher power that will make understanding happen!
    Wonderful quote as always 🙂

    1. There are people who are fortunate, or unfortunate, depending on how you see it, who don’t get to live through certain things, and perhaps never know. But yes, for the sake of feeling less distressed over it, I think we’ll have to believe, try to at least, that understanding will happen.. eventually.

  2. very difficult question to answer. it really depends on how we make others understand us – but force is definitely not an option.

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