Train ride


On the train back, after picking up some books from the library, I sat myself down on the only available seat I could spot around me, wedged between two men.

A tinge of musty air lingered above it. It smelt of after work – like a long, tired out, slightly defeated day filled with manual tasks.

I considered giving up the seat, but the split moment passed and I decided to stay put. Considering all things, the weight of my bag was giving me the bigger problem.

My long ride was filled with languid, home-bound people not doing anything in particular. The two men beside me were preoccupied with their phones. I too fiddled with mine, clicking on my apps out of boredom rather than interest.

Then the woman two seats away started ranting about her day over the phone, her loud jarring voice shattering the cloak of silence that hung over the carriage.

The pairs of eyes across me shifted to her in an instant, faces still expressionless, and I turned up my music to drown her out.


4 thoughts on “Train ride

    1. Atelier_Athrain

      sometimes, I feel the same. Public transport ride, isn’t always enjoyable and sometimes non-stop, loud chattering on phone, as if no one is in the bus/train can be quite unbearable and daunting.

      1. Atelier_Athrain

        Yup, sometimes I just feel, wouldn’t it be great if I have the guts to walk up and tell him or her to tone down?

        When I was young, I used to be hot-blooded and as long as I believe it’s the right thing to do, I’ll just do it.

        But now I’m kinda coward, lack of those guts! I became so uncomfortable with confrontation and become passive. I value the so-called ‘peace & confrontation-free’, and think that it’s alright, I’ll just bear with it.

        I don’t know if you’ve heard about this Chinese phrase 多一事不如少一事. Sometimes, it’s just that way.

        *sigh* life is filled with dilemma.

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