[Penang] Joo Hooi Cafe


We practically ate our way around Georgetown, capital of Penang and UNESCO World Heritage Site, during our long weekend vacation there. Our feet first came to rest at Joo Hooi Cafe, a popular eating place that comes up frequently in internet searches on Penang food.

Joo Hooi is famous for its char kway teow (above), a dish of fried flat rice noodles cooked under high heat to give a characteristic wok taste. It was pretty good, but what I really liked is the eatery’s other hit, the cendol, a dessert made of pandan rice flour, red bean, shaved ice, coconut milk, and palm sugar syrup. Best thing to have on a hot afternoon.


Iced milk tea


F1040028Penang assam laksa, a dish of thick vermicelli and garnish in a fish-based soup stewed with lemongrass, chillies, and assam (tamarind), giving off a tangy and mildly spicy taste




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