Pulau Ubin – Part 4


Bicycles are the commonest form of transport on Pulau Ubin. Here on the island, you can rent a bike from the main village for a few dollars and embark on one of the many cycling routes available. I enjoyed exploring the island on foot though; it made photographing so much easier.




lr F1010037




14 thoughts on “Pulau Ubin – Part 4

  1. I usually walk; only because I.. can only ride in a straight line (any turns mean falling off, haha!). Need to make some time for Ubin soon!

    1. Frankly I think it’s a little difficult to ride on pulau ubin, wih the dirt tracks and (rather heavy) human traffic. I’m not that good a cyclist myself.. I see ppl dismounting so many times just to get pass the difficult parts of the track and I’m thankful I chose to walk.

    1. you’re right.. it’s not a smooth ride. It looks more tiring to cycle than walk – I’m speaking from the perspective of a poor cyclist. lol.

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