[Penang] Sekeping Victoria


Sekeping Victoria brought us to Penang. It was difficult to pass up a reconverted warehouse that exudes a quality of rawness and tranquility rarely found in the typical accommodation.

Designed to host a limited number of guests at any one time, Victoria comes with only two rooms, positioned directly across each other, with a single staircase leading up to each room and down to the pantry beneath it. The result is an abundance of common space on the ground floor and very high ceilings. Which suited us fine, for we could really do with some quiet time after a long work week.




View of the room opposite ours, shot from the ground floor.





A really cool “library” made of metal sheets within Sekeping Victoria






17 thoughts on “[Penang] Sekeping Victoria

  1. What a magnificent space! The indoors mixes with the outdoors so beautifully! I love the greenery and the line of wooden stools!

  2. I’m born a Penang-Lang but hadn’t got chance to visit anywhere as I left Penang to study aboard at young age. Really nostalgic to see from people’s photo and to recall the good-old-days. I miss those old shop houses, the smell of Hainan Coffee and even the irritating stickiness due to sweat from humid climate.

    1. This was my first time in Penang. It’s an awesome place, and I miss the food already.
      I hope you’ll get to see it yourself again soon 🙂

      1. Waoh! First time to Penang ~ The food is amazing right?! It’s heaven for gluttonies and hell for diet people. I always gain weight when I visit home. Too much “unhealthy” yet mouth watering food waiting to be eaten! hehehehe

      2. One thing I miss the most from Singapore is 水糕, it’s kind steamed cake and eaten with sweet-salty dried radish.

        I tired them 10 years ago and I’ve missed them for 10 years.

      3. I know that – Chwee kueh 🙂
        It’s usually available at our hawker centres.

        What I miss about Penang is the Siam laksa!

      4. HOR! Siam Laksa is delicious, there is one really famous near my home, in Pulau Tikus. Yea, I live in an island “filled” with rats, but that’s not true….

        Yes!!! Chwee Kueh♥♥ I find it difficult to spell dialect words. It’s so delicious! I think that’s the best thing I’ve had in Singapore.

      5. I think I had mine at a food street in pulau tikus.. i can’t be sure.
        Do look out for the photos! I hope to post them soon 😀

      6. Yup, then I can shout! Hey, that’s where I live~ hehehehe

        I hope I could make time to visit Singapore again. I bet it has changed allot since my last visit. Top of the list to do in Singapore for me would be eating the Kueh, and visiting Singapore Science Centre.

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