[Bali] Kopi Luwak


I tasted kopi luwak for the first time, in Bali, at this coffee plantation that our driver was adamant in bringing us to. While it was a nice experience, constituting a walk about the plantation and a round of assorted coffee, the civets that produce the very expensive kopi luwak, as xy described, looked like the saddest animals ever.












15 thoughts on “[Bali] Kopi Luwak

    1. Hmmm I’m not exactly a fan of black coffee, so I only took a sip. It didn’t leave me much of an impression but I remembered it for not being unpleasant on the tongue.. which is how I feel abt black coffee in general. Sorry it’s not much of an answer lol…

      1. It’s alright, I was just wondering, if it tasted weird or smelled unbearable~

        Me too, not a big fan of black coffee in general, but I still love those kopitiam coffee. It reminds me of the childhood days I spent with my elderly caretakers and grandma.

  1. not a lot of people dare to try it, i guess. ha. i agree, the coffee is great but there are lots of protests because of the treatment to the animal

  2. This also makes me sad because i drink so much coffee and to think take some of it might come from hurting an animal makes me frozen inside…
    The pictures are so dreamy tough, i really love the atmosphere here :*

    1. Thanks Minji! You ought to try it. Even though I usually choose to use colour film over b&w, the latter always gives me surprising results whenever I pop a roll in on the rare occasion.

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