Take a piece of sky.


Thinking about the next weekend on a Monday morning jotted me. Could it be almost March already, when Feb seems so young and new, so unused and unattended to. It spurs me to make a quick list of things to do this week on a 7.5 by 7.5cm piece of memo paper. I would love to be more spontaneous but I am very prone to procrastination, so a list is useful for me. However you spend your week, planned or otherwise, I hope you’ll have a fruitful one!


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10 thoughts on “Take a piece of sky.

  1. Pieces of sky like these are my favourite! Have a wonderful week full of blue skies… I hope we’ll have some blue sky in Helsinki too soon!

  2. Procrastination in my middle and third name.I need lists and reminds for everything or otherwise i just get my camera or write and forget about everything…
    beautiful skies,it is sun for now and i’m happy because maybe it is not going to last more than 2 hours 😀

  3. Skies like these are one of my favourites, Australia has nice blue skies, but it’s always too hot to enjoy them. I think autumn has approached, the weather started to cool tremendously and blue skies are shaded by rain clouds.

    1. It was a pretty hot day when I took these! Fortunately there are a lot of shady spots here, so I’m always seeking refuge in them when I venture outdoors!

      1. Shady spots don’t do much here, mostly before the sunlight reaches, the heat had already killed everyone!

        It’s a bit exaggerate, but we had terrible heat wave this year and many greens were burnt brown and caught fire.

        Regardless of those downside of heatwave, it’s really the only time we get lovely nice light blue skies. ehehehe

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