Things that make me happy.


Korean lessons (Canon A1, Lomo Earl Grey 100)


Ice Cream (Nikkormat ftn, Agfavista 200)


Blue skies and flowers (Canon A1, Ektar 100)


20 thoughts on “Things that make me happy.

  1. I don’t know how hard korean might be,but i love all things korean 😀
    i love ice cream but have to tame my love because i don’t react well to any dairy related products!
    Well flowers and blue skies – there we are twins ❤

  2. how’s nikkormat? I nearly got one but I wasn’t sure if it’s friendly user, so I went for NikonFM instead. But I really like the design of nikkormat. Hope to get some insights from you.

    1. I enjoy it! It is very easy to use, straightforward buttons but it’s also heavy. I like that it doesnt need a battery to operate. My lenses are not original so I can’t comment on that – it gives me good bokeh though.

      And NIKON FM! I’ve been wanting to buy one but the ones out there are either v expensive or very limited in supply. Where did you get yours, if yoh don’t mind me asking?

      1. Ohh Sometimes I really dislike the battery idea. I was at the brink of losing my sanity when my battery went off at the moment I was going to snap something nice =~= I was awfully upset for the whole day after that incident, hahaha

        Yea, I tried on it and it was quite heavy, that’s one of the reason I didn’t go for NIkkormat at first.

        My lenses aren’t original too, I use Vivitar 28mm, because it’s the cheapest I can afford, but it produces really nice nostalgic bokeh. I like your bokeh too. What lenses are you using?

        Nikon FM shouldn’t be so expensive, its price rocketed after people make a few blog posts about it. I don’t mind you asking, it’s always nice to chat and share info with people who share the same passion. I got mine from Australia, well, as you can see, I live in Australia.

        I heard you can get good bargain on ebay. Just don’t buy from any Asian countries. Well, just hold on and you won’t know when you stumble upon the chance to welcome NikonFM home. I waited for 6 years to get mine~ hehehehehe

        I guess you’re from Singapore, correct me if I’m wrong.

      2. Mine’s the vivitar too! It does give nice bokeh! And it’s affordable 🙂

        I look for the nikon fm on ebay but seems like most ppl are holding on to theirs. I’ll continue to search for it!

      3. Finger crossed… It will come to you ^~^

        Vivitar is one sweet baby~ And I think lenses which are made ages ago, actually have better reliability, sturdy and sweet bokeh compared to today’s modern digital lenses

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