The past weekend


Lately the weather has been mostly pleasant so we headed outdoors a lot more. Over the weekend, we went up Mount Faber and gladly immersed ourselves in the lush greenery; this is nothing like the hiking people do, but still my calves hurt like mad after that.We wound up at neighbourhoods with quiet, to-be-demolished compounds that have seen better days, and paused outside old houses to admire them. We celebrated over meals and drinks, and made holiday plans. I may have gotten two shades darker, but all in all, this counted as a very good weekend.


11 thoughts on “The past weekend

  1. Polly Balitro

    These makes me craving for summer time so much! There is a lovely warm breeze coming from these photographs, especially the first one – wow!
    P.S. did I already mention I love the new layout of your blog?

    1. evelyn Post author

      Thanks polly! I’ve been looking for a new template, but wordpress has such limited designs! This one is the best one I could find 😀

  2. April

    Love how the focus still caught a bit of the plant in the left! Awesome light, too 🙂
    Ahh, I love the new theme also, centered and fresh! (Sorry for too much gushing)


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