6 things to do in Singapore.

I have put together a small list of things to do in Singapore, a result of last year’s resolution to explore a bit more of the island. This list excludes tourist sites like the Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Zoo, and Gardens by the Bay – places which you would already know of if you are planning to visit the city. Instead, this is a compilation of lesser-known places and activities that contribute to the local experience. Needless to say, they present opportunities for one to indulge in photography.

The list is not exhaustive, and I might even do another one down the road. For now, here are 6 things you might want to try out.

Visit Kampong Buangkok


We still talk fondly about the kampong spirit, a kind of camaraderie that existed between neighbours back in the old days. Singapore’s last kampong gives you a peek into the lives of the general population more than 30 years ago.  Today, less than 30 households occupy the village which sits on about 12,300m2 of land off Yio Chu Kang Road.

Explore old playgrounds in the housing estates


Children of the 70s and 80s used to play in outdoor sandpit playgrounds that take the shape of fruits and animals. The collective memory of these old mosaic playgrounds is detailed in Mosiac Memories as part of the Singapore Memory Project.

Cycle in Punggol Point Park


Cycling at the Punggol Point Park was surprisingly enjoyable. The park is relatively new and clean, and it isn’t crowded like East Coast Park, so you get to cycle more of the way without having to skirt through people who fall into your path. A pretty good way to take a break from city life I’ll say.

Take a trip to Pulau Ubin


People flock to this island, north-east of Singapore, to cycle, but it is not for the faint-hearted as the roads are steep and designated cycling paths are non-existent.

There is plenty of room on this island for the non-cyclist though. Discover plant and animal varieties as you trek the – sometimes mud-trodden – paths, and explore Chek Jawa, a natural wetlands made up of 6 interdependent ecosystems. If you love being surrounded by nature, you’ll enjoy this island.

Have a picnic at the Botanic Gardens


After its revamp, the Botanic Gardens became one of my favourite places to spend an idyllic afternoon. And there is Island Creamery around the corner, serving what I would say is one of the better ice-creams on the island.

Visit a cafe in Tanjong Pagar


How can a list about Singapore be complete without food? Tanjong Pagar is one of the best places to go to if you want to experience cafe culture in Singapore, apart form Tiong Bahru. Head down to Flor for the best mille-feuille, Drury Lane and Nylon Coffee Roasters for coffee, and The Plain for brunch and ambience.

21 thoughts on “6 things to do in Singapore.

  1. Polly Balitro

    This 6 things to do list is really cool, Evelyn! It’s always interesting to take a look at a list done by a person living in a place, rather than at one on a regular traveling guide!
    I remember looking at your photos of that old playground – they were super! All the photos you’ve chosen to put up here are great though!

    1. evelyn Post author

      I was trying to find landcape shots for this post, and found that I took too few of them. I’ll have to keep this point in mind when I shoot this yr 🙂

  2. Aia

    I wished I’ve been to all these places when I was still living in SG instead of me just bumming inside my room.:( I’ve had the chance to Pulao Ubin but did not go with my friends on the last minute. Haha!

    Henderson Waves Bridge still stands as my favorite place in SG.

  3. Fiona

    Awesome guide, the only one I manage to complete was the mosaic playgrounds – just as excuse to go back again! Other Singapore guides tend to be focused on shopping and expense but Singapore is definitely much more than just shopping!

  4. angelinahue

    Love the mirrored behaviour of the two roosters. I’d put one in for having coffee + kaya toast + soft-boiled eggs at a regular neighbourhood kopitiam (i.e. not a Ya Kun, Killiney, ToastBox, etc.) 🙂

    1. evelyn Post author

      I know! There’s so many things to put into the list, but I wanted to start off with a list of places w photography opps 🙂

      By the way, I think yakun does the best eggs!

      1. angelinahue

        That’s a good point!

        I’ve had mixed experiences with Ya Kun, think it depends on which outlet you go to. Mmm, though I would love to have some eggs with kaya toast right now!

      2. evelyn Post author

        Really? I’ve had the highest consistency rate for half-boiled eggs at Yakun than anywhere else.

        I hope you brought some kaya back with you!

      3. angelinahue

        Hmm, it was more than 8 years ago at a Tiong Bahru Plaza outlet where I had mediocre kaya toast (it was cold). So maybe things have improved since!

        I didn’t buy any kaya back, though I brought back quite a few jars of sambal 🙂

  5. Pratiksha

    wow, I have been to botanic gardens many times. But pulau ubin and kampong Buangkok seems interesting.
    could you tell me how should I reach kampong buangkok?

    1. evelyn Post author

      Hi Pratiksha, you should board Bus number 70, 103, or 854 at Serangoon Bus Interchange, alight at the St. Vincent De Paul Church (Bus stop number: 67079), cross the road, go down the flight of stairs beside the petrol station, pass the bridge, and follow the path until it leads you to the kampong.


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