[Bali] Tanah Lot – Part 1


It is telling how significant tourism is to Bali, and Tanah Lot is as touristy as it can get. The path leading to the famous rock formation is lined with souvenir shops that attempt to call out to you. Once inside, we were surprised at how eloquent the locals were at peddling their wares. Locals could converse with us in English and Mandarin well, more so than other touristy cities I’ve visited. Even so, it is hard to dismiss the beautiful sea view at Tanah Lot. While my photos turned out bright and white-washed, xy has some beautifully intense colours of the place in her blog.









4 thoughts on “[Bali] Tanah Lot – Part 1

  1. Polly Balitro

    I like Katie’s photos, but I also like yours – they are really different, of course, but I think that the almost desaturated brightness of these pictures is very appealing!
    I absolutely love the 1st one!


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