Cycling around town


I hardly ever find the motivation to cycle leisurely, so on the rare day I did, I brought my camera along to snap some pictures as we ride from Punggol Park to the Punggol Jetty and back.











20 thoughts on “Cycling around town

  1. That scenery is beautiful! I love the desaturated colours as well!
    I should cycle more often too – but I’ll wait for the winter to be over first! 😉

      1. I did! It was so nice seeing everyone + to eat all my favourite hawker foods! I also popped by the dragon playground at Toa Payoh (sadly, the one in Dover, which you mentioned to me before, was demolished earlier this year).

      2. Unfortunately. The site was completely flatten and you wouldn’t see any trace of the former playground.

        We also popped by another playground of this era at Bukit Batok… and it was in the process of being destroyed with piles of rocks, concrete, steel in the area 😦

  2. I used to live in Punggol. That was loke 1 1/2 months. And I never knew there was a park and a beach like this until i went home to the Philippines. So sad.

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