Colours of autumn


Winter is getting close. I read that the trees in Seoul turned bare 4 days after we left the city. It goes without saying that we were lucky to have witnessed the autumn colours during our stay. These are some pictures from the trip while I decide if I should post my beach photos from Bali first, or autumn foliage from S.Korea. You’ll know soon.


Namiseon 남이섬


On our way to the Changdeokgung 창덕궁 (Changdeok Palace)


Walking past Unhyungung 운현궁 (Unhyeon Palace)

15 thoughts on “Colours of autumn

  1. Diogo Silva

    evelyn, I loved your idea of ​​photographing the colors of the trees! I loved it because I do exactly the same. I think the addition of all the fall colors are so well balanced that makes me happy even when they begin to appear, the first gray clouds and the first drops of rain 🙂 awesome! have a nice week!


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