Swee Choon dim sum


When we first patronised Swee Choon, 7 to 8 years ago, it was a small shop off Desker Road, with some outdoor seats in a dingy and dark alley. It wasn’t famous, but it was convenient for regulars who wanted something to fill their bellies in the thick of the night. You could always drop by and find a seat. The waiters knew the regulars too, and there was something heart-warming about that.

The environment has changed since then. Today, the restaurant is 4 times its original size. We hardly stepped in nowadays, deterred by the crowd that has ballooned over the years. This is one of the rare visits we made to the shop recently, at the request of our friend who lives overseas. To be fair, the Portuguese egg tart and chee cheong fun (rice noodle roll) are pretty awesome.




6 thoughts on “Swee Choon dim sum

  1. In a way it is sad to read that the restaurant it’s not the place that it used to be anymore – a place that it was dear to you. At least the food is still delicious though – and so it seems from your photographs!

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